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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for investing so much of your time into the blogs and posts that you place on the web. The information is always well thought out and presented in a way that is easy to follow, even for a fledgling brewer. It has helped me become a better brewer and when ever I see a photo of Wilhelm next to a forum post, I know the information will be reliable.


  2. I also would like to personally thank you, Kai, for the time and effort you put into basic brewing science. A lot of your experiments are not only interesting to know but the results can actually improve the quality of the beer we make. Whenever I have technical questions I come to your site and try to follow your rationale and results. Usually it takes me a couple of times to read through your articles because I’m new to brewing, but in the end I gained a tremendous amount of information.

    BTW – If you are still interested in the EDTA for your yeast counting experiments please let me know. I could ship it to you on short notice.

  3. Kai,
    thank you – ton of useful information, very well done !
    I have used your slaked lime water treatment method – it brought
    the residual alkalinity down from 220 to 25 !
    It saves me trips to local groceries to buy RO water
    Keep going, have contributed some $ to your site as well!

  4. Kai, did you know that the yeastcalc.com domain has expired? Hopefully, you can get that back up soon – that’s an invaluable resource that the internet is MUCH poorer without!

  5. Hello Kai,

    Yes, my name is Guenther Sehn, but I’m not from Germany and I don’t speak Deutsch. My great-grandfather was from there. I’m from Brazil.

    First of all, thank you very much for all the knowledge you share on your website. I follow your posts since 2010, and I learned a lot thru your experiments.

    Right now I’m writing a brewing book that will cover something like the Palmer’s “How to Brew”, but I also want to put some more focus on fermentation and equipments. I’d really like to mention and recomend your experiments and your website for the brewers who want to get deeper on brewing knowledge by going thru your articles and experiments. A lot of the things I learned came from you, and I’d really like to give you the credits on the book and recommend your website just like I have been doing on brazillian discussion lists and forums. That will be probably the first brazillian homebrewing book.

    Again, thanks a lot!


  6. Hi Kai,

    I was looking at an older blog, I tried to pull up your data from a wort and beer titration, I could not open it. I was wondering if you would be willing to share the data?


  7. I’ve been studying your article about Estimating Yeast Growth, and I’m puzzled as to why you concluded that yeast growth is linear rather than on a curve as described by White and Zainasheff? Homebrewdad created a calculator that is very popular, but I noticed that, in a linear fashion, the bigger the starter, the more yeast is created. Does this not contradict White and Zainasheff?

    • Based on what i have learned about yeast, I think the linearity makes sense up to a certain point. Then I expect it to fall off.

      Yes that contradicts what Jamil and Chris write in their book. But that doesn’t make it wrong. Little has been published about their methods and I suspect that they did not use stirred startes. They likely scaled unstirred starter results to get the stirred starter numbers.


  8. Hello Kai,

    Thank you for all the information on German brewing practices you have selflessly provided. I have learned much.

    I noticed on the bottom of http://braukaiser.com/wiki/index.php?title=Infusion_Mashing what I believe is a small but possibly important typo as I was researching the hochkurz method. The last paragraph begins, “The dextrinization rest at 70-72C (158-172F) needs …”.

    I think 72C is about 162F, not 172F. However that page has been viewed >50k so maybe I’m just misinterpreting what I read. I tried to send this message via the HBT messaging system but then saw you were not on that site recently so I thought I would put it here.

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