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By now frequent visitors should have noticed the Brewer’s Friend links on the sidebar of the blog and the wiki. Brewer’s Friend is a cloud based recipe editor and set of brewing calculators. I have  been collaborating with Larry, the mastermind behind Brewer’s Friend, to include much of the brewing science and calculations I have been working on over the years. Having them in stand-alone spreadsheets is fine, but being able to use them in one integrated software solution is even better.

So far Brewer’s Friend has added support for Plato (since that’s what I’m using) and calculation of conversion efficiency. Check it out and stay tuned for more cool features.

2 thoughts on “Brewer’s Friend

  1. I’ve noticed continued improvements on Brewer’s Friend since I’ve started using it this year. It has become my go-to brewing software (mainly because I can play around with recipes on the web while at work). They are very responsive when you need support as well. And the calculators are a great resource.

    In short, I’m a big fan and highly recommend Brewer’s Friend to anyone who is interested in web-based brewing software.

  2. I’m actually not a big fan of the cloud when it comes to personal files like pictures and documents but I don’t care as much about protection when it comes to my recipes. This is why the anywhere access (where there is internet) of Brewer’s Friend comes in. I stopped using a computer years ago b/c I didn’t want it to be yet another thing I need to carry into the garage when I brew. But with today’s smartphones that has changed.

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