ANHC 2012 – recap

I know I have been quiet for a while now but for a reason. I have been busy with experiments, brewing and building brewing related stuff. However I want to take the time to give an update on ANHC-three, the Australian home brewer’s conference held in Melbourne, Victoria past October.  First off, a big thanks to the organizing committee to that invited me to speak at the conference.

The actual conference lasted two days for me since I did not attend Industry Day (in hindsight I think I should have because it the program looked very interesting, but I toured Melbourne with my wife instead). I had presentations on both days and even though I did practice my presentations while commuting, I was a bit nervous. But any stage fright was quickly cured by samples of beer that were handed out during the presentation starting at 9:30a. I enjoyed that most presentations had beer samples. This is not as common at the US home brew conference.

My talks about lager brewing and wort fermentability control in mashing were very well received.

The only downside to the conference was that there were too many good topics and I had to make a few difficult choices between presentations being given at the same time. But luckily the presentations from the main auditorium have been recorded on video and will be available on DVD.

The creativity price for presentations goes to Stu McKinlay from Yeastie Boys for having a hand drawn slide deck.

Gala Dinner and Club Night were lots of fun, though staying up late was a challenge during the early days of the drip due to the considerable time difference of 9 hrs.

Club Night

Club Night

My wife and I spent and additional 2 days after the conference to drive along Great Ocean Road and take in its spectacular scenery. Now she want’s me to find a job there so we can move to Australia. But first I would have to pay a speeding ticket. $176 for going 106 km/h when the limit was 100 km/h. I thought I was obeying the speed limits all the time but had no idea even 6 km/h can get you a ticket. Ouch.

Southern Ocean and Victoria cost along the Great Ocean Road

Southern Ocean and Victoria cost along the Great Ocean Road

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