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for brewers who build their own water

30L (assuming 25L (6.25 gal) pre-boil volume) reverse osmosis water +

0.8g NaCl (table salt)

0.6g MgSO4 (epsom salt)

1.8g NaHCO3 (baking soda)

4.0g CaCO3 (chalk)

(58mg/L Ca; 3mg/L Mg; 32mg/L Na; 10mg/L SO4; 21mg/L Cl; 150mg/L HCO3)


89% Weyermann Munich I (light Munich)

10% Weyermann CaraMunich I

1% Wyermann Carafa II special

Aim for a post boil gravity of 11.5 *P (1.046 SG)


German Spalter Hops to get to 27 IBU (Tinseth) at a 60 min boil time. Substitution with German Magnum possible, though the bitterness will not be as smooth.


Wyeast 1007, propagated to yield about 80 ml (~2.5 oz) for a 19 L (5 gal) batch.


Decoction_Mashing#Single_Decoction 2 step infusion with decoction mash-out:

protein rest : 54 *C (131 *F) for 20 min

saccrification rest : 65.5 *C (150 *F) for 45 min

mash-out : 76 *C (169 *F)


Add hops after 10 min boil and boil for another 60 min. Chill to pitching temperature of 17 *C (64 *F). Keep about 2L of the wort (freeze in soda bottle)

Primary fermentation

Ferment at 17 - 19 *C (63 - 67 *F) until fermentation is complete. Perform fast ferment test to determine limit of attenuation or use other means to ensure complete fermentation.