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Welcome to This site is dedicated to brewing science and topics that are mostly related to brewing German style beers and it is not intended to be a complete reference for the home brewing process. It is a rather loose collection of various articles.


I enjoy the scientific and technological aspects brewing, which shows in the articles, and want to promote a better understanding of them as well as introduce the advanced brewer to various brewing techniques. Being an engineer I like to know what is happening and how I can control the final product and fix problems when they arise. Despite what many readers would think, I'm a fairly relaxed brewer. Some of that relaxation comes from knowing the process and knowing where attention is necessary and where not.

For questions and suggestions contact kai at braukaiser dot com


There are also two blogs that I'm maintaining

Blog general.jpg Blog beers.jpg - Blog is a convenient place to report about experiments and ramble about random subjects Commercial Beer Reviews started as a tasting report of almost 80 different beers that I had on a trip to Germany
10-9-12 Yeast growth experiments - some early results

10-03-12 Yeas un-flocculation for cell counting

09-16-12 Enzymes in the fermenter

09-09-12 Hops From A Can


More recent articles on this site use symbols on the right margins to indicate the type of content and allow readers to skip possibly uninteresting or complex part

{Brewing Basics} Brewing Basics: The building blocks stand for basic stuff that is important for the understanding of further discussions and elaborations.
{How Things Work} How Things Work: the cogs mark sections that detail how a particular process woks
{Practical Brewing Advice} Practical Brewing Advice: The pot stands for practical brewing advice that will help you in home brewing. Oftentimes a conclusion that is drawn from preceding, more complex, content.
{Geeky Stuff} Geeky Stuff: The test tube stands for geeky content. Something that is cool to know but has only little importance in practical home brewing.

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(Brewing) Science Basics


Wort Production

Boiling and Wort Transfer